Friday, March 6, 2009

walking back home

Friday, March 6, 2009
I went home last week. My cousin, sister and I reached Bauio around 2 am, I immediately went to charge my batteries and after around 2 hours, I went out to take photos. I had 1 hour getting used to the "automatic". That included maneuvering the car in the not-so-narrow street plus listening to my dad's instructions...

Dad: Kabig mo sa kaliwa... (followed by muffled words)
Me: Ano? (sabay kabig sa kaliwa)
Dad: Sa kanan!
Me: (Biglang break tapos di na nakinig ke tatay)

Reminded me of how my Dad's vision was bad specially at night. The 15 minutes of that was trying to detemine how the radio worked! Everything set, I went on to driving, stop and go, trying to determine what "d/d off" meant. Never did know but well with that small amount of time, noted that the car ran better with that light on.

I went to Marcos Highway and watched the sunrise instead. Then braved the backroads and discovered this street that showed a great view of marcos highway.

I reached home eyes getting heavy and went on to sleep the rest of the day. Well, almost.

The next day, I decided to walk instead. I was dropped of Baguio Medical Center, just outside Camp 8.

The last time I walked this route was 18 years ago, the day of the earthquake. I remember passing by this place, 2 landslides have already fallen and we had to walk at the very unstable soil. That was one of the time where I really, really prayed hard. Passing by those landslides while "aftershocks" were happening was the second of the most terrifying experiences I've been through. First on the list was running inside Skyworld (the tallest building back then) while the walls and beams were falling around you.

A few kilometers more is the Camp 8 proper, which gives you the view of why Baguio is cold. :)

It was nice seeing there are still trees. I'm just hoping that there will be remaining trees when I return home.

I discovered this small alley where you had to walk down a steep stairs.

This "denuded" part was there ever since I could remember. All I could say is that those who chose to put up their houses must either be really brave or had great engineers.

Kennon road has been the route or trucks and buses but because of the frequency of landslides, the traffic was limited to those who come from nearby provinces.

To those who know where I live, well you must know how far I had to walk. :)

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