Monday, March 9, 2009

i am in love with the world

Monday, March 9, 2009
The first time I've heard of this song was way back 1997 as a tribute to Princess Di's death. It was the first and last time that I heard the song. The internet hasn't reached the mountains before so I didn't have any other source but the radio. The radio however played Elton John's tribute instead. Thankfully someone had posted this through youtube and hearing the song all-over again reminded me of why I fell in love with the song in the first place.

This song was sung by the Chickenshed Theatre with Lissa Herman as the lead vocal.

I am in love with the world
With its fires and its seas and its pain
I am in love with the world
As it spins round my soul again

I fell in love with the world
When it gave me a place to be (ooh)
You cannot fall out of love
With your world shining through (ooh)
Let your world fall in love with you

With you

You think you're lost to the world
With your life lived in shadows of fear
(Shadows of fear)
Days lost without you too long
No-one close no-one kind no-one near
(No-one near)

You try to hide when your world dies inside
Never fade away (ooh)
Dreams turn to stars so you don't
Lose the end of your day (ooh)
Let your world fall in love with you
With you

I felt your feelings before
And the world tried to pull me through
Through all its time and its space
It is speaking to you



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willi baclao said...

i love this casette tape ko 'to unang narinig in 1997...when i was still in zamboanga-basilan. naalala ko, i would play the song over and over again (rewind-fast forward)para i-transcribe ko yung lyrics...kasi naman, wala ako access sa google nun eh hahaha!

Regina said...

naku. pilit kong hinanap ito noon. tawag sa mga radyo para i-play nila. walang nakaka-alam ng kanta. ang alam nila yung kay elton john! ngayon ko nga lang nakita ulit. syempre nag-google ng chicken+princess di. :)

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