Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Bells

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Around a month ago we were asked to conspire in a wedding proposal, lots of preparation and a lot more prayers happened in between. The plan was for Mark to lure the unsuspecting Melai to a place they've been to before, Luneta.

It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else. I am glad I was part of it.

Here's the run down. After a downpour of rain for most of the afternoon, it finally let up. As faith continued to make her moves, Mark and Melai finally arrived. With Gian and Leo innocently taking pictures near Lights and sounds, we waited for the couple to pass by.

Gian then leads Mark and Melai to our "set-up" photo-shoot and introduces everybody else. Not long after, Melai finds herself and Mark as models in an impromptu shoot. They were given props, instructed on poses and dragged to lights and sounds. Unfortunately, the rain had another agenda. It poured.

Back to the original place, Erick tries to give Mark a bit of help as he makes Mark kneel and Melai stand with her back towards Mark. Mark however, had other things in mind, so the cue to propose was missed. Let's just say it's a case of jitters.

Finally as Mark gathers his wits to propose, Melai stands disbelieving the moves away to the astonishment of the whole group. Those few seconds seemed to run on for hours (but the photogs still kept on taking photos). I'm guessing she said yes as they hugged and hugged and hugged...

Thank you to the crew of Lights and Sounds for allowing us to use the vicinity for the surprise. Till next time. :D

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