Monday, April 13, 2009

a story on motherhood and some more

Monday, April 13, 2009
My prayers answered when I got home, Amor just gave birth 2 days ago. Every time she gives birth, its either I'm really not able to go home or just left. I miss those days when my pet dogs and cats would let me hold their newborn. I arrived just around 5 in the morning, after going out to take shots of the sunrise and driving around (beginning to be a ritual for me) I placed down my camera and went for the doghouse.
As I stepped out the back door, heard this hissing sound, step, hiss, step, hiss, step, hiss. If that was a snake, I assumed I would've been bitten by now.
So I look around and discover this lonely kitten (her two sibling just being taken by our neighbors). Wondering on why she was so apprehensive, a few seconds later, I see not the cause, but the solution.
Tami catching the "motherhood bug" has apparently taken on the little kitten as her own. The mother-cat, being a stray cat who has taken over our home, has left her kitten to be the surrogate daughter of Tami.
Tami and Amor have this long standing "sibling rivalry", so after running after Tami, I tried to rid myself of Tami's scent, which I guess I didn't need to. For the next few days I was the only human she trusted or brave enough to hold her puppies. The funny thing was even my Dad got the "motherhood bug", he changed the cartons (which served as insulators after being ripped by Amor) many times and worried when he hears the puppies cry. So at least once a day when Amor decides to keep up with the rivalry with Tami, I carry the puppies back home when they stray far from it. I never did do it when Amor was around.
Okay I did it once when Amor was there. She was walking around her 2 pups just in front of their doghouse and she did just that for a few seconds... pace back and forth. Trying to lift them up and then dropping them after a while. Her pups have grown much she cannot bite them without hurting. So off I go as the rain started to fall, lifted the two pups and returned them to their home.
The next day was a surprise to me. We were preparing our breakfast when I heard one of the puppy cry, I looked out to see if Amor or Tami was nearby, Amor was there trying to pick up her pup. I returned to the kitchen but stopped midway when I saw Amor entering the doghouse leaving the pup behind. And then she gave me "that" look. I went out and took the pup and placed her back towards her waiting mom. Good girl, Amor. You trained your master.

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