Wednesday, April 22, 2009

winging it at anawangin

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Anawangin. It's A-na-wa-ngin. Ok say it again. Anawangin. The first photos I saw of this place was of a pristine beach with relatively few visitors. Imagine my surprise as we were approaching the shore, there were tiny dots of people prancing around. Never-the-less, its still a place that I will return to again and again, provided that it remains non-commercialized.

 winging it at anawangin
The Indios as part of the 2nd year celebration, decided to rough it up and discover Anawangin. Twelve Indios met and crowded an Olongapo-bound bus at Victory Pasay, with Roe joining us at an impromptu MegaMall stop-over (Thanks to Ree Joie's pleading with the bus driver and conductor). We arrive at Pundaquit at the wee hours of Saturday morning after a crazy tricycle race from San Antonio and met up with 5 more Indios. I can still feel the bump-bump-bump as our driver suddenly decides to overtake each and everyone in front of him.
Thanks to the itinerary provided by Sir Allan Barredo, off we go to Capones Island. The choppy waves prevented us from approaching the light-house drop-off point. After a few photos and a group hug, we decide to head to Anawangin to wind down.

Around 20 minutes later we arrive at the shores of Anawangin with dreams of sitting by the beach and chilling out (and for some starting to take paparazzi shots), but lo and behold, we were dropped off at the other end of the beach! Haha. My fingers almost lost circulation from carrying those ice blocks! Thank you Blue Merlin for the help. After pitching tents and occupying 3 tables (a 4th was added after a while) off we go to our own-own adventures.

As for my adventure, well it was more of an escape, it was all well worth it. Just for a while I was able to block off my woes and cares. I miss being there but the good thing is I can go back and I will.

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