Monday, February 16, 2009

capture a heart

Monday, February 16, 2009
February 14 is a not so special day for me, popularly renamed as single awareness day, I tend not to celebrate it at all. As I previously posted, a group I belong to, flickristasindios decided to celebrate this day with children from Payatas. Nothing more to keep me dusy, I decided to postpone my trip back home and celebrate the day with them.

The activity started with a prayer and then Sir Jun introduced his "hearts" to the children. I started to take his photo but as he started to talk, decided to listen instead. He opened his narrative with the concept of this day being a day of hearts, of love. Proceeding to show the children of different hearts, I forgot to take photos.

I am always entranced when it comes to children singing songs and seeing them gleefully participating. After a round of songs, the children were given not just a meal, they had 2nds and 3rds too.

One of the children I noticed was Angelito, a 1 year old boy, who wouldn't smile. I wouldn't fault him as seeing him, I could see mouth sores, and probably with the size of his belly he would have worms. I gave the multivitamins to his mother and was satisfied that Angelito was smiling more after a while.

Being sponsored by a photography group, the day didn't end without a group shot. :P

Other Photos here:

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