Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
I would be a bum for the next few weeks... what more to do but to update my blog and get rid of bookmarked items... :P here are some of the things I have placed on my to do list but have never gotten to "do".

I was "passed" this link and took it the first time, and I remember I did not get this color, but then I did that one half asleep so I'd probably own up to this color. :P

and here are a few links I keep going back to once in a while...

1. Dark Roasted Blend is continually a source of the weird and wonderful information, may it be fact or just fiction. I discovered this browsing through photos and information about droplet photographs and before I knew it I was looking through photographs of smoke then a few hours later I was laughing at photos of the cute, cuddly and not so cuddly animals. Of course its not just photographs that you could see here, there is a lot more and if you need a quick fix or just something to boost your day, this site offers just the right variety.

2. Post Secret would probably create mixed reactions once you've gone through this site. I do not remember why I ended up into this site, but at that time there were secrets that made me thank the creator of this site. For the people who are going through the "Is it just me?" phase in life, I'll tell you, it's not just you. Browsing through this site for the first time, I was glad knowing that it wasn't just me. Kudos to the one who bared his/her thought. I couldn't pinpoint you to the exact entry for this site is refreshed every week. Click on through the links on this site to see more.

3. National Geographic's the daily dozen is continually one of my source of inspirations. Of course the whole site would entail hours of reading through as sometimes I would end up imagining that I would be the one taking photos. In my own time. :P

This is just a few links. Never thought that making a list of links would take much time. Maybe its because I end up going through the links again and again. : P

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