Thursday, August 3, 2006

Venture into culinary cuisine

Thursday, August 3, 2006
For as long as i could remember, the menu at home would have a wide variety of viands, be it meat, seafood or veggies. It depends on who cooks (rarely us, as kids), the fresh food at the nearby farm, occasions or whatever else my mom would think of cooking if she had the time. But as genes and aging would have it, my line of family isn't that fortunate. So as I buried myself in books and info on medicine and the likes, my mom too taught herself of the foods that would likely cause the pruritus and inflammation of arthritis, of the sinfully sweet candies and desserts that would spike up the insulin and hence cause the see-saw of glucose of diabetes and the oil-laden and fat clogging properties of food that would bring the heart to a stop. Life too would put a twist into the now minute menu of our family. As development progressed the farms around us would be plowed through and the then soil would be replaced by cement and stones. To place a positive thing into development, it made cooking and baking into the reach of the do-it-yourself population, as the now "instant" world made easy the then boggling recipes. But the most gut and heart wrenching of the twists is the ever changing and ever mysterious appetite of our ever-dearest grandmother. These are a few of the reasons why I brave the culinary world, to experiment and innovate, to cater to my family

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