Wednesday, August 2, 2006

a kitchen with an amateur is not a recipe for disaster

Wednesday, August 2, 2006
I've been in a hiatus these past 2 months and what more to fuel my boredom is a pantry full of baking ingredients and a very encouraging mom. So armed with recipes and courage to face the formidable oven, I've managed to concoct a few recipes of my own. Well of course, as a child I've loved science. No kidding. Not those scientific, geeky, nerdy things. The part where we get to experiment and bring unknown things together. So where else would I end up with the love of experimenting and food... the kitchen. Much to the dismay of my mom, I wouldnt' budge to her request of taking cooking classes. I kind of thought that being a graduate and all I would be able to follow the recipe right but then since being a wanna-be and all, I didn't discount the fact that even the wheather and science would still influence my baking. That's trial and error then. And we'll see how much error would push me to give up my dream of being a cook/baker.

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