Tuesday, July 22, 2008

we were cordially invited...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
one of a few events i am willing to risk my toxic schedule just to got to... congratulations to mai and louie, wishing you many more blessings to come... (hint-hint) :P
undeniably happy
even though the traffic was slightly tough... the travel was well worth the wait
finally was able to see abi after a long long while... a lot of tsismis and updates na naikwento... pero syempre waht i did was click away...
abi in series 3 of 3
of course, the people who really did the interview and update and interrogations was des...
des in series 2 of 4
...and chum... Yes, I promise to free up my schedule on Oct 19. :P fingers crossed...
chum and ren
and there's ren... updating us on her lovelife or the lack of it or the hint of it, tama ba? thank you too for the ride
claude was present and looking like a dad... (peace) :). syempre nakumpleto ang "da boys"
one of the main topics of the night was the seemingly year after another wedding celebrations... would the next one be with jimmy?...
or would it be tina...
it was truly a mini-reunion of sorts... till the next meet-up! :P
group shot series 1 of 3
miss you all!
ala koreana ti ilokana
of course bob! would there be a round of chika-han the coming days?

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