Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Tuesday, June 3, 2008
It's been almost a year for me since I've actively took up photography. Being freshly out of medical school I've realized that I've missed a lot of moments in my family's life. Maybe it has been a reason for me to take snapshots almost everyday of my life, maybe its because of the guilt in the back of my mind that I've almost been left out save for some photos they've taken from occasions in our family.

Adding to the guilt is the death of two of my relatives (and another one just recently), that I've decided to keep an archive of memories... to keep me from feeling left out. It has been my bridge to reminding me that I have still a lot more to discover and there are other lives aside from my own...

Starting this blog will hopefully be my repository of memories of my past and the present and of my dreams... thank you to my sister for this photo...

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