Sunday, August 19, 2007

what comes next?

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Passing the boards could not bring you the joy that you would see in your parents or relatives' faces. You are happy, yes, but you could be happier. Hearing or reading your name among those who passed could only bring you a sigh of relief of "it's all over". It's the "load" being a little lighter, now you could employ yourself and find a not-so-well-paying job. And there's the "if only" everyone you knew have passed, you could feel a lot better.
But then the rewards you have now is all yours, and yours only to enjoy. Only you know the hardships you have to go through, only you could give meaning to what you have now. There's the "sigh" and "a little lighter load" but having that compared to nothing at all spells the difference. Take what you have, and enjoy it.
What comes next is only yours do make... Decide. There's the nursing stint, the USMLE, the Australia or Canada, or what residency to take, should I take what I really like or what they think is best. Or what do you really like? Or should you consider residency at this time? It's only yours and yours to decide. Because after all, its you life. But right now, enjoy every bit of perk you get with passing the boards. Congratulations.

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