Monday, August 20, 2007


Monday, August 20, 2007

This is one work of Rolando Carbonel that I like the most. This is taken from my Aunt's scrapbook. I'm glad that it survived through the years. I'm hoping to make my own scrapbook someday.

-an excerpt-
Rolando Carbonel

Love... may not be you loving me but it may be me loving you,
despite that; it may be me, not being able to.

It may be me seeing your soul, though it could be me
feeling your soul's encompassing presence.

It could be you forever walking away from me,
yet never leaving me.

It could be me searing my soul with your mocking laughter,
you piercing my being with your deep tenderness.

Love could be you wandering at my futile intensity,
and I wondering why you wonder still.

This was sent to my aunt written on the back of a lovely card. She only "loved the poem, not the card". I hope that I could find the whole poem. I couldn't find ONE book with the collection of Rolando Carbonel.

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