Saturday, May 9, 2009

Intramuros: test walk

Saturday, May 9, 2009
I've been working in the outskirts of Intramuros these past 2 weeks. From the start of my work days, I've planned to bring my camera once I get comfortable with my surroundings. The weather however prevented me from doing so. So seeing that the weather might improve this weekend, I happily obliged to a much needed third person to help on the Saturday OT.

sabi ko na nga ba

Having accomplished the charts, I proceeded to walk around Intramuros at first heading towards the golf course. There were several tiangges set-up beside the fort, and the place I wanted to go to was courdoned off. The clouds starting to form and drops beginning to fall, I made my way towards San Agustin church instead.
I wanted to walk around and make sure that taking photographs were allowed. With the exemption of a few rooms, taking photos is allowed as long as you don't use flash (I've read, or was it watched, that harsh lights could destroy certain documents and/or paintings). So off I go taking photos (more photos in the next few days).

pumatak ang ambon

san agustin

My main aim today was taking photos inside Casa Manila, challenged by our crushed attempt to take photos before. After a go by the guard, I gleefully took out my camera. A few seconds after however, came throng (ok not actually a throng, a few people maybe) of tourists. So I took a few shots and vowed to return on one of my lunch breaks. Weekday. Less people.

casa manila

I have a few months to make my rounds in Intramuros. So, cross my fingers, for a few good shots. :)

P.S. I have been experimenting on post-processing my photos.

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